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    Monday, February 19th, 2007
    11:02 pm
    mana from heaven
    Three weeks ago I realized I was responsible for a stout rain that was falling in the conditioning room. What I mean by stout rain is that stout beer was raining down from above. I've just deleted a paragraph of explanations from this post, and I'm skipping straight to the happy ending. I'm drinking beer.
    Friday, February 2nd, 2007
    9:42 pm
    lazy hawks
    I've heard that lions and lambs can lay down together, I know that hawks, squirrels, and songbirds can share space. Since we, the Rust family, of Damascus, are white trash, we just throw daily food scraps into the front yard after dinner. All the adorable animals come in the night and morning for bread, meat, and other victuals (the Halloween pumpkins were really mauled by the squirrels). I don't know what kind of hawk it was, the internetz are confusing with all the pictures, it's the big, brownish hawk you always see sitting in a tree in Maryland. Doesn't matter. My point is, this big hawk has started feeding at our birdfeeder/food scrap area regularly, and I don't mean he is hunting seed eating birds. The lazy bastard (I mean scavenger) just sits on the ground, eating last night's human dinner scraps. Squirrels are literally three feet away from him (her?), munching away. Songbirds sing and eat, and they aren't singing their warning song. The only time this hawk gets testy is when one of those relatively puny crows comes too near, the hawk does a little dance and spreads it's wings, the crows retreat.
    Worse, it's spreading. Today another hawk came and chased the first hawk away from a turkey leg. Get a job, go kill something.
    12:15 am
    no beer for me
    So I'm an assistant brewer. Of course I have a keggerator full of free beer. But my CO2 tank fell out of the fridge the other day, and I broke my regulator. I need a 3000 psi CO2 gauge, and some of this locktight, red, goopy stuff. I wrote Banner equipment an email, hope abounds about a cheap replacement. Sigh, I can't get the girl to go out with me, and I can't drive my beer.
    Friday, January 12th, 2007
    1:35 pm
    You make good and bad and mixed decisions in life. I haven't whined to people about my part time desk job lately because they have been letting me work from home, I now call it my chair job instead of my desk job.
    But they wanted me to come to Bowie this afternoon, oh no! I had to be upfront with the project manager, 'As I've told the next level up boss, no more driving.' Well, money is good, but so is not driving 112 miles for only four hours worth of pay. And I'm going to make a white clam sauce for dinner, can't do dat from a desk in Bowie.
    In unrelated news, I think I slipped my email to a woman the other day, but I think I really, actually wrote down the wrong email address. Did she write? Did she write someone else? Them womens do make me nervous.
    Monday, January 1st, 2007
    10:51 pm
    I smell pretty
    Oh no, I ran out of deodorant this morning, but I found some left from holiday guests, now I smell like a woman.
    Friday, December 22nd, 2006
    8:36 pm
    worms for xmas
    Ha ha ha, Moms is getting 5000 live mealworms for Christmas! I hear all kinds of wild birds are into mealworms, I hope my mom likes them.
    Friday, December 15th, 2006
    7:36 pm
    new toy
    I'm done installing audio into my cars. Crazy General Motors products, gotta do what you gotta do. Wood and balls of newspaper and tape, them's memories, and also a fire hazard. I know there is probably a better deal somewhere, but next Thursday, Best Buy is installing my new radio/CD/etc./ipod adapter car stereo system. Thanks Santa, I mean Mom and Dad! Thanks Best Buy Installation Guy!
    Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
    2:15 pm
    Space Shuttle
    Oh boy, sometimes you fulfill a lifetime ambition, in not exactly the way you imagined. I had always wanted to go to Florida to watch a shuttle launch. Though mpeg2tom told me you could see them from around here sometimes, it would look like a small, orange cone of light through binoculars. Minutes after the launch on Saturday night, I was giving up, heading back inside. But I inspected one more airplane, and under magnification, it was a blurry, wavering, orange, asymmetrical, conish of light! Now I'm hot to see another night launch of the shuttle.
    Monday, November 20th, 2006
    6:46 pm
    Dang, I didn't get the job at Wild Goose Brewery in Frederick. Buckeystown is kind of pretty. But that is okay, cuz people just keep chugging along and doing fine in life, me too. And I like how "chugging away" in professional terms is so appropriate for a brewing career.
    I did like this last sentence, for some reason, I don't feel that it's bullshit, "There is a good chance that we will be hiring again in the near future and I will definitely keep your name on file."
    Friday, November 10th, 2006
    7:12 pm
    I resigned from my part time desk job yesterday. I believe the engineers could pull up documented recordings of me cussing at the automated telephone lady from last week. I was actually laughing at my desk today while at work.
    Two signs I needed to quit, the cussing, and the fact that after like six months I still don't know what to call the Fake Lady Recording. Sometimes I just call her Jane.
    After I sent the resignation email yesterday, I decided that since I had extremely pressing potential job activities, I wasn't going into the desk job. I sent some productive email, went to the grocery store, and then made gumbo (gumbo file [powdered sassafras root!] isn't in the normal spice section at Safeway, it's in another area).
    I have a job interview with the Wild Goose/Flying Dog Brewing Company next Tuesday. I could become a Fredneck, that might be kewl.
    I'm lucky to have a current brewery boss who is helping me apply to Wild Goose, many folks have to job hunt in secret, we've all been there.
    Thursday, November 9th, 2006
    9:29 pm
    Mashing Chicken
    I have discovered the joys of mashing chicken. Normally, when I am boiling down a whole or parts of a chicken for a soup or such, I cut up the post-cooked chicken pieces or tear them into pieces with my fingers. Today I discovered accidentally that you can just mash up pieces of cooked chicken, after you pull it off the bone. Just use you fingers and palms to mush it up against the cutting board, and the average chicken piece volume is way down compared to cutting or shredding. I now love mashing chicken.

    Current Mood: full
    Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
    2:05 pm
    Can anyone think of any hippie type, low paying part time jobs? (I'm in upper MoCounty) I don't mean working at the toy store in the mall, I would like to replace my 2nd, computery, well paying, part time job with something that is more fulfilling. I don't care about the money, though I do need at least a pittance. I just want something to do on Thursday/Fridays that I believe in. It looks to me like you have to volunteer in soup kitchens, there seems to be a world of volunteer opportunities, that's been my big idea...
    Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
    8:47 pm
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    Sunday, October 8th, 2006
    3:05 am
    What's going on with my spam lately? My ancient hotmail and gomail accounts are receiving no spam. And all I get at my gmail account is "Re:Hi" lately. Seriously, I've gotten like one Cialis spam in the last week.
    Also I've been listening to a lot more country music recently.
    Sunday, August 27th, 2006
    12:16 pm
    more bird
    Yes, I have been drunk, but I haven't heard any Leonard Cohen in years. Though that reminds me, I should buy some Sisters of Mercy on itunes, yesterday I bought Lords of Acid, I Sit On Acid.
    So anyway, even sober people see this bird balloon. It's a bigger bird, not like a sparrow tied with some thread. And it's dark colored, like maybe a turkey vulture, but I haven't noticed a bald, red head. Could these people be falconers (sp?), is this how people train birds? Are they hunting? Is the bird bait? Reintroducing former injured/captured birds into the wild? This all seems like an ill conceived flying machine from the 1800s. You train a bunch of birds to pull your hot air balloon along.
    Saturday, August 26th, 2006
    11:10 am
    bird on a string
    The strange phenomenon is back, though I haven't seen it around in about a year. Each night now (here in upper MoCo), some dudes that get around in a pickup truck with gear in the back hoist this up into the sky. Seriously.
    They have a blue and white buoyant balloon, must be three or four feet in diameter, floats about 500-2000 feet up, has a long wire hanging down. Most of the way down the wire is a clamp or something, which attaches to to a ground line (leading to the pickup truck). High up on the balloon line, a bunch of feet below the ground line hookup, there is a BIRD tied up by one foot. Sometimes the bird flies around in big circles, tethered to this balloon. Two nights ago, the bird looked sad, and just hung there, thrashing every now and then.
    Yep, someone likes to tie a bird to a balloon, and hoist them into the sky each evening. I wonder why.
    Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
    11:47 am
    Hooray for going to concerts! I saw Jurassic 5 last night at the 9:30 club with brother and friend. J5 is really really good live, they really have great stage presence. Wooo!
    Also, friend explained to me why they stamp 8:15 on your wrist, he said some people want to change the name of the club to match their new address. I kind of like the old name, even if 8:15 is more accurate.
    Thursday, July 27th, 2006
    5:38 pm
    La la la, learning more about brewing. Fortunately, boss's back is getting better, and he's getting back into commission. I'm guessing I did 90% of the brew Tuesday, 75% of Wednesday's brew, and only like 35% of today's. I'm stoked about eventually drinking Tuesday's batch of Red, I don't think I will have experienced this much work validation in a long time. And suddenly I get Saturday off from work, Friday night I'm going to go somewhere and drink beer! I'm glad my boss is getting better, but I already miss all the activity of Tuesday, the learning, the new doing. It helps to keep learning in order to get anywhere in life. Really, I should just suck it up and completely learn the boring task of cleaning bar lines, even if it is not fun.
    Oh, and, hell yeah, I know how to "mash in" now. Mashing rules!
    Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
    7:06 pm
    Holy Shit. Unfortunately, my brewer boss just hurt his back today, and will be short to medium term non-physical, meaning he can sit in a chair. Which means I am going to learn to brew this Tuesday, the whole thing, all my own hands (if not my mind, the brew mind will be sitting in a chair).
    Saturday, July 15th, 2006
    10:49 pm
    too many moths
    What is happening? Like two years ago, it was spider days for awhile, but tonight there are a few less than fifty billion moths all out on the doors. I try, but so many come in each time the door opens. Fortunately, this is not a moral issue for me (do I kill it because it is annoying?), they each promptly get stuck in a light fixture and die.
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